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Meet the challenge of hiring and managing the best talent with DISC assessment.

Whether you're looking to evaluate candidates, match them to jobs, help people understand each other or create effective teams, we have the perfect solution for you.

Thousands of clients around the world rely on Discus for their personality profiling needs. Over the last 22 years, Discus has created millions of individual DISC profiles, and our client portfolio includes some of the largest companies in the world.

Why not take 60 seconds to review our animated video introducing Discus? It's a great overview of what our DISC personality solutions offer.

There are many uses of Discus and we have lots to tell you about. Take a look through our suggested starting links below depending on your immediate interest and remember there is a downloadable brochure of this entire site you can read offline at your leisure or contact us directly. We'd love to hear from you and discuss your needs.

What Can Discus Do For You?

Finding the right person for the right jobFinding the right people isn't always easy. It takes time and effort to identify high performers and fit them into your team, and Discus helps to make the whole process simpler. Discus uses DISC to give you a professional cloud-based tool that's ideal for helping to understand key personality features, identify strengths, and spot potential difficulties before they arise.

Discus uses DISC personality profiling to give you a powerful advantage in recruitment, but it can also give you far more besides. Anywhere you need to understand or motivate people, DISC has a role to play. From personal assessment to integration, from relationship management to team building, once you've seen what Discus can do, you'll wonder how you managed without it.

Creating a DISC profileCreating a DISC profile really couldn't be any simpler. Profiles are based on the answers to a quick and simple questionnaire, and Discus will handle that for you using the Web. Just enter some basic details, and Discus will handle the whole Invitations and Questionnairesquestionnaire process for you: sending an invitation, managing the questionnaire itself and processing the answers, all automatically. Once the results are compiled, they're instantly available to you.

Discus tells you everything you need to know about a personality in a clear and accessible way. The gold-standard The Discus Personality ReportDiscus personality report covers dozens of different topics covering every detail you could need, including a comprehensive analysis unique to each individual and written in plain language.

A Discus Job MatchWhat's more, Discus will optionally provide a The Discus Job MatchJob Match, comparing a candidate against hundreds of potential roles and reporting on their suitability for any of those roles. Discus even includes all the tools you need to create optimum roles of your own, all free to use and unlimited.

Personality plays a crucial role in the ways people work with each other, and that means DISC can add a vital new dimension to the ways you handle working relationships and build teams. Discus includes a Managing RelationshipsRelationships feature that will help you understand the dynamics between any pair of individuals, as well as an extensive Team BuildingTeam Building module. All these features are free and unlimited to Discus users.

Want to Learn More About DISC?

DISC: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, ComplianceThe DISC personality assessment system lies at the heart of Discus, and is the ultimate basis of Discus' profile results. You don't need to be a DISC expert to use Discus (its reports are designed to be readable by anyone) but the more you understand DISC, the more you'll get out of Discus.

If you want to find out more about DISC, you'll find a selection of introductory articles on this site, starting at the most fundamental level with What is DISC?What is DISC? You'll also find an introduction to the actual workings of the system in the article How DISC WorksHow DISC Works, and a look at the ways DISC can bring practical applications in our summary of the Benefits of DISCBenefits of DISC. There's plenty more to explore in our DISC library, too, including a look at the four crucial factors, DISC Factor: Dominance DISC Factor: Influence DISC Factor: Steadiness DISC Factor: Compliance, that make DISC itself work.

Key Facts

Independently validated

Expanded and improved for 22 years

Profiling across the Web

Unlimited questionnaires

No profiling subscription fees

Reporting to suit your needs

Matching candidates to jobs

Free relationship profile

Free team profiling

Feedback reports for candidates

Discounts on credit purchases

Your own branded profiling portal

Multilingual profiling

Exceptional report quality

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