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Individual Reports
Agency Opportunities
DISC: A Layman's Guide
What is DISC?
Video: Introduction to DISC
DISC Profile Interpretations
DISC Factors
Team Building with DISC
History and Development of DISC
Personality Types
Applications: Putting DISC to Work
Validity and Reliability of DISC
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Discus: powerful professional online DISC assessment

Discus is one of the most powerful and cost-effective DISC profile solutions available today. Here are some of the extraordinary features that make it stand out from the crowd:

  • Personality profiling on the Web
  • Validated by independent experts
  • Matches candidates to jobs
  • Exceptionally detailed reports
  • Team building & profiling
  • Working relationship assessment
  • Profiling any time, any place
  • Improved and expanded for 22 years
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Generous credit discounts
  • Design your own reports
  • Feedback reports for candidates
  • Unlimited questionnaires
  • Bespoke corporate profiling portal

Introducing the DISC profile

DISC is one of the world's most popular commercial profiling techniques in use today, trusted by businesses large and small to help in recruitment, assessment, development and much more besides.

Discus is a cloud-based solution that gives you everything you need to set up DISC assessments across the Web, and create thorough and comprehensive personality reports in no time.

Take a moment to explore the possibilities of DISC. Remember that Discus gives you everything you need to take advantage of all these possibilities, from creating a simple personality profile to interactive team building.

Four core factors

Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance

How does a DISC profile actually work? At its most fundamental level, this involves measuring four key elements of the personality: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance (or D, I, S and C, hence the name 'DISC').

  • Dominance relates to independence, competitiveness and personal motivation.
  • Influence relates to openness, social confidence and communication.
  • Steadiness relates to pace, reliability and consistency.
  • Compliance relates to organisation, structure and analytical ability.

Taken in combination, these four perspectives on the personality can give us vital insights into a person's approach and attitudes, from their general working style to their relationships with those around them.

Origins and evolution

The ultimate origins of DISC lie in the 1920s, with the American writer and psychologist William Marston, but his original approach has been developed and enhanced over the decades.

Modern commercial DISC profiles share their basic structure with Marston's originals, but methods of testing, reporting and analysis have advanced significantly since the system's origins.

  • Now one of the most popular and widespread commercial profilers, used across the world.
  • Simple and affordable profiling makes DISC ideal for large and small organisations alike.
  • Comprehensively assessed and validated, DISC gives you consistent and reliable results.

Creating a DISC profile

Using Discus, creating a DISC profile is easy: after a few moments to set up the profile, Discus will take care of the rest. The whole DISC questionnaire process is handled automatically, and when the questions are complete, Discus will process the answers and create an analysis right away.

Discus includes full Web-based test delivery, so you can set up a candidate (or a group of candidates) and Discus will do the rest. That includes everything from inviting a candidate to complete a test, to handling the test itself online, to creating a fully detailed report once the test is completed.

Unparalleled DISC Reporting

One of the stand-out features of the Discus profiler is the depth and detail of its DISC reporting. Naturally, Discus reports include all the detail you need about a candidate's DISC results, but Discus goes further to provide comprehensive discussions of more than twenty different business-related topics.

Discus DISC reports are created from a database with millions of possible combinations, so its reports are always tailored to the particular details of a candidate's individual DISC profile. Discus reports aren't restricted to just DISC profiles:

  • Job and Candidate Match Reports help to streamline the recruitment process.
  • Job Profile Reports look at jobs and roles in terms of DISC.
  • Feedback Reports allow a candidate can meaningfully read about their own results.
  • Relationship Reports highlight the dynamics in working relationships.
  • Team Reports describe the personality features of any group of individuals.

Optimising the recruitment process

Because DISC can quantify the key aspects of a personality, it opens up new possibilities for recruitment and assessment, at least in terms of personality. Using a Job Profiler (provided free as part of the Discus service) it's possible to define the major personality needs of any role, and directly compare those needs with the styles of potential candidates.

  • Discus' full-feature Job Profiler makes defining roles and comparing candidates easy.
  • Choose from a library of hundreds of pre-defined roles, or create your own in minutes.
  • A Discus Candidate Match assess all candidates for a role within a single report.
  • The Job Profiling and Job Matching services are provided free of charge to all Discus users.

Building teams with DISC

Discus can use DISC to assess the ways that any group of individuals work together. Using a sophisticated analysis, it's possible to understand the central dynamics at work within the team, and the core roles preferred by each of the team's members.

  • Designate any member as a team leader, and Discus will include leadership assessment in its analysis, tailored to the team as a whole.
  • The Discus team setup makes it easy to experiment with team membership options and review the results.
  • Members are broken down into specific team roles, based on their DISC personality style.
  • Team assessment is free and unlimited for all Discus users.

Working relationships

When two people work together, the ways that their personalities interact can be a crucial to their effectiveness. Discus includes a built-in Relationship Assessment module that helps you understand the dynamics driving any working relationship between two individuals.

  • Reports explore positive aspects of the relationship, as well as potential sources of friction.
  • Each Relationship Assessment considers the relationship as it appears to each of the individual involved.
  • Relationship Assessments are free and unlimited for all Discus users.

A selection of screenshots and features from Discus

Take a look at some of Discus' most important and useful features. Discus can create and report on DISC profiles in just a matter of minutes, but it also gives you a wealth of extra features as well, from Job Matching to Relationship and Team Assessment, and more besides.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and any other platform with a Web browser.

Start a fully automated DISC profile with just a single click.

Invite candidates to complete their DISC profiles across the Web.

Read the most relevant and detailed DISC reports available.

Maintain your own online database of DISC results.

Match candidates against hundreds of careers and roles.

Create custom DSC Job Profiles to match your own specific roles.

Examine the DISC dynamics that drive working relationships.

Delve into the ways personalities work together in teams using DISC.

Choose which of our great value business packages is best for you,
and you'll be up and running with Discus in just a few minutes.

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Starting a DISC Questionnaire

Discus gives you three different ways to create a DISC profile, all of which are quick and simple to use.

  • Perhaps most useful of all is Discus' Invitations feature, which will set up and manage DISC questionnaires across the Internet.
  • Invitation results are automatically processed and appear in your Discus account as soon as they are available.
  • The on-screen questionnaire will simply display an interactive DISC questionnaire through your Web browser
  • On-screen tests like this are marked and displayed as soon as they are complete.
  • If you prefer to use manually completed questionnaires, Discus will print as many as you need.
  • Questionnaires are available in a wide variety of different styles and nearly twenty different languages.
Creating an Online Invitation

One of Discus' most powerful features is its ability to create online invitations: with just a few clicks, you can set up online access for one or more candidates.

  • Discus will automatically notify those candidates for you, and allow them to complete a DISC questionnaire across the Web.
  • Once their answers have been provided, the results will be available immediately on your Discus account.
  • You can create an invitation for an individual candidate, or set up invitations for multiple candidates at one time.
  • Questionnaires are available in numerous languages, and you can even create a questionnaire in one language and read the resulting report in another.
  • Discus even provides facilities for you to add your own layout and colour scheme for candidates, so the questionnaire will appear in your own corporate style and livery.
Detailed and Relevant DISC Reports

Discus provides some of the most thorough and detailed DISC personality reports available.

  • A Discus report includes a full set of graphical and explanatory information, and up to twenty-one sections of text in natural language, covering a wide range of personality topics.
  • Discus reports are available directly through your browser, but also in high quality PDF format ideal for printing, storing or sending via e-mail.
  • Report topics range from the general (such as Advantages and Communication Style) to the specific areas, such as Guidelines in Sales or Style of Management Required.
  • The report can even provide a set of behavioural interview questions tailored to the candidate.

  • Discus will provide reports containing different levels of detail to suit your exact needs, and reports can be customised to match your corporate livery.
DISC Results At Your Fingertips

Discus keeps a permanent record of all your DISC results, so you can review those results at any time.

  • The Discus database gives you all the features you need to help you manage your candidate data and keep all the details up to date.
  • Because your DISC results are held in a secure online database, you can access them from anywhere.
  • We even provide apps for mobile devices so that you can keep track of your DISC data on the move.
  • From your Discus Results you can also upgrade your reports, create and print PDF versions of results, select Job Matches, and view working relationships for each of your candidates.
  • An additional feature provided by Discus is the Feedback Report, a simplified version of a candidate's DISC report designed to provide feedback to a candidate on their own DISC results.
Matching Candidates to Jobs

Discus comes complete with a library of hundreds of DISC Job Profiles, each describing the ideal personality for a different type of role.

  • Discus can assess how the features of a candidate's personality match against the needs of any job or role, specifically in terms of personality.
  • It can even assess likely areas of strength and possible training requirements.
  • Job Matching like this is free and unlimited. You can freely assess any candidate against any job, or combination of jobs.
  • Discus doesn't limit you to the Job Profiles held in its extensive library; it also provides all the features you need to create Job Profiles tailored to your own precise needs.
Creating Your Own Job Profiles

Discus doesn't just restrict you to its predefined library of Job Profiles; it also includes all the tools you'll need to create your own custom profiles that describe your own specific roles.

  • No special expertise is needed to create a custom Job Profile. You can set one up in just a few minutes by answering a simple set of questions that describe the job.
  • The Discus Job Profiler provides even more options. If you have a particularly successful personality in a role, you can use that personality as a template for a new Job Profile.
  • Once the Job profile is in place, you can make fine adjustments to ensure it reflects exactly what you need.
  • The Job Profiler also includes an extensive report describing all the job's major personality needs.
Understanding Working Relationships

For any pair of DISC candidate profiles, Discus can take those profiles and assess the dynamics at work between them, creating a Relationship Assessment.

  • A Relationship Assessment highlights the strengths - and potential pitfalls - in the working relationship between the two profiles.
  • The assessment takes account of the differing viewpoints of each of the two candidates, who will often see their relationship in quite different ways, and gives you a useful summary of the personality factors involved.
  • Relationship Assessment are available for any pair of profiles in your Discus database, and are entirely free and unlimited: there is no charge for assessing any working relationship.
  • Like all of Discus' reports, you can review the relationship on screen, or create a high quality PDF copy to print, e-mail or simply save for reference.
Assessing Teams with Discus

Discus can beyond assessing working relationships to interpret the personality dynamics at work within any group of individuals.

  • A Discus Team Assessment allows you to set up any team - real or potential - and investigate the ways in which that team's members will work together.
  • Setting up teams is easy: just add the members you want to assess, then click 'Report' to see a full assessment of the team and its members.
  • A Discus Team Assessment looks at the roles different members are likely to fulfil within the team, as well as interpreting the team itself, along with its particular strengths and challenges.
  • If you choose to assign one of the members as the team's leader, Discus will also examine how that member will function in a leadership role, and how other members are likely to react.