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Assessing Working Relationships

A Discus Feature Focus

Published: Tuesday 23 January 2024

The Discus profiler includes everything you need to examine the ways in which two different personalities work together. As long as you have DISC profiles in place for two individuals, Discus will give you a thorough assessment of the dynamics of their working relationship, including positive points as well as potential areas of conflict.

Assessing a relationship

Creating a Discus Relationship Assessment couldn't be simpler. To get started, just click the blue 'Relationships' tab (of course, you'll need at least two DISC profiles in place before you can use this feature).

The Relationship Assessment will show you two DISC profiles down the left-hand side of the screen, for the two candidates whose relationship is being assessed. If you haven't used a Relationship Assessment before, Discus will start off by choosing your two most recent profiles, otherwise it will remember your previous choices. Use the 'Change Candidate...' button to choose any of the profiles on your Discus database.

As you choose new candidates, the Relationship Report in the middle of the page changes to reflect the dynamics of their specific relationship. You also have some options to help you work with the report, including the useful 'Print' option that will create a downloadable PDF version ready to print or e-mail.

Note: one minor restriction to bear in mind is that Relationship Assessments can't be calculated for compressed profiles. If one or both of your candidates has all their DISC factors near the middle of their graph, no Relationship Assessment will appear.

How can it help?

A Relationship Assessment looks at all the key personality features relevant to a working relationship, and gaining an overview of interactions like this can be useful in all sorts of ways. Quite apart from the usefulness of understanding how a relationship works in general terms, a Discus Relationship Assessment can provide other real advantages in specific areas. For example:

  • Team Planning: The Relationship Assessment connects with Discus' Team Building module to help you predict the ways in which candidates will work together, in principle before those candidates have even met. This predictive ability is so useful that we've connected it into Discus' Teams section. Inside a team, click a candidate's profile and you'll automatically see links to their potential relationships with all the other members of the team.
  • Conflict Management: Where there are prospective areas of personality conflict in a relationship, Discus will report on this and suggest the likely causes. This can be invaluable in helping to uncover and resolve personality conflict where it occurs in a working relationship.

It's important to note that a Discus Relationship Assessment is necessarily restricted to looking at the personality components of a relationship. There will always be other factors at work, but the insights Discus provides will give you a useful set of insights that describe the fundamental structure of a relationship between two individuals.

How does it work?

To create a Relationship Assessment, Discus compares the DISC factors in a pair of profiles and looks at the key differences between them. It uses that information to describe the most important dynamics within a relationship, critical features that may be positive, negative, or lie somewhere between the two.

A vital aspect of the Relationship Assessment is the concept of viewpoints: each relationship is examined from the perspective of each of its members. In some cases, both candidates share a similar outlook, but in other cases they may view their working relationship in entirely different terms. Understanding how different individuals view their relationships with others is yet another advantage of the Discus Relationship Assessment.

How much does it cost?

Assessing candidate relationships with Discus is absolutely free of charge. You have unlimited assess to the Relationship Assessment for any combination of DISC profiles on your Discus account.

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