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High Compliance Only

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Compliance is perhaps the most complex of the four DISC factors, and a High-C (highly Compliant) style reflects this in their behaviour. Unassertive by nature, often reticent and aloof, people of this kind can give an impression of coldness or disinterest. Much of this cautious style stems from their Controlled side, however, which makes them reluctant to reveal information about themselves or their ideas unless absolutely necessary. In fact, highly Compliant individuals are often surprisingly ambitious and have lofty goals, but their innate lack of assertiveness and unwillingness to become involved in confrontational situations makes it difficult for them to achieve these goals directly. Instead, they will tend to use existing structures and rules to accomplish their aims. For example, where a more dominant type might simply demand that others follow their instructions, a High-C will appeal to rules, authority and logical argument to influence the actions of others.

Relating to Others

Highly Compliant types have many strengths, but the ability to relate easily to other people is rarely among these. The combination of a reticent social style with a certain innate suspiciousness makes it difficult for this type of person to form or maintain close relationships, and this is especially true in a business sense. Their friendships or close acquaintances will normally be based on mutual interests or common aims, rather than emotional considerations.

Common Abilities

High-C's are generally very self-reliant people although, as we saw above, this fact is often difficult to perceive for other styles. They have structured ways of thinking, and often show particular strengths when it comes to organising facts or working with precise detail or sophisticated systems. The low Steadiness score in this profile suggests a quick-thinking individual who will often have useful input, but their natural reticence means that they will rarely offer an opinion unless asked directly for their thoughts.

Motivating Factors

There is one factor that has a more significant effect on a High-C's motivation than any other - certainty. They need to feel completely sure of their position, and of others' expectations of them, before they are able to proceed. Because of this, they have a very strong aversion to risk, and will rarely take any action unless they can feel absolutely sure about its consequences.


The Sub-traits of a highly Compliant type are Co-operativeness, Accuracy and Sensitivity.

Style Card

High-C's are Receptive and Controlled. They relate directly to the Style Card segment of the Analyst.

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