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Professional DISC assessment solutions since 1994

Customised and Branded DISC Profiling

Add your own corporate identity to DISC profiles and reports

Questionnaires on different devices showing different custom liveries

For an added level of professionalism, you can easily set up your own branding on all DISC services and resources you need to share with others.

There are lots of scenarios where you'll need others to use or view DISC materials. Most obviously, and most commonly, when you invite a candidate to complete an online profile, they'll be asked to visit a Web portal to answer their questionnaire. You might also, for example, want to share that candidate's personality report with colleagues, or to give them a copy of their own Feedback Report.

The same level of branding can be extended to cover all printable material. Whether you're sharing a report with a colleague or providing a printed questionnaire, your corporate livery appears on all your DISC resources.

Setting up branding couldn't be simpler. Just upload a copy of your logo and pick a colour scheme, and the rest is handled automatically. The whole process can be set up in less than a minute.

A printed questionnaire showing a custom logo

In all those cases, there's a real advantage to projecting your own corporate brand, and we give you everything you need to set up your own colour scheme and logo. With branding in place, for example, when a new candidate visits the DISC portal to complete their questionnaire, they'll see a site that matches your business' own look-and-feel.

More Customisation Services

If you need a more sophisticated customisation or integration solution, we can help there, too. We're able to connect to other Websites and systems using the built-in Synergy interface. In practice this means that if, for example, you need to integrate DISC profiling directly into your current site, or store DISC data within your own systems, we can help. Whatever your needs, we can offer consultancy to get you up and running with exactly the solution you need.

The Complete DISC Solution For Your Business

  • Branding Options: You can use these branding options to add your own logo and colour scheme to the testing portal, used by candidates to complete online tests and optionally view reports. In addition, you can brand all printable material within the system, including printed questionnaires and all reports created in PDF format.
  • Setting Up Your Brand: Setting up your branding options is all handled for you. Just post your logo and choose your colour scheme, and you're ready to go.
  • Advanced Integration: If you have more sophisticated needs, we have advanced branding features to help meet them. Using these tools, it's possible to integrate the service seamlessly into your own site, and even integrate it with your database systems.
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Get Started Now

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Looking for your own personality report?

Looking for your own personality report?

Understand your work style, help build your CV, and much more with your own personal report.

Download your <em>free</em> guide to DISC personality testing

Download your free guide to DISC personality testing

DISC: The Complete Introduction

Learn how DISC assessment can help improve your recruitment process, team building and leadership development.

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