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Remote and Home Working DISC Reports

Using DISC to understand and manage a remote team

With more workers now operating from home, or otherwise working remotely, it can be vitally important to understand their work processes and needs in a situation like this. A Remote Working report uses a candidate's DISC profile values to analyse the ways that person will work in a remote setting, providing a whole range of valuable insights.

The Remote Working report looks at the how remote working will affect an individual's focus and motivation, and also provides a series of general suggestions for helping that person work at their full potential in a remote setting. It even includes a set of general Remote Working Strategies to provide useful advice directly to the candidate themselves.

At the heart of the Remote Working report are a series of eight specialised personality factors, the Remote Working Factors, that help to build an interpretation of any individual's remote working style, based on their DISC personality profile.

Discus Remote Working image: Concise and informative

Concise and informative

A Remote Working report gives you an immediate view of where a candidate's strengths lie when working in a remote or home office setting.

Discus Remote Working image: Eight Factors

Eight Factors

The report breaks down an individual's remote performance based on a series of eight specialised and relevant Remote Working Factors.

Discus Remote Working image: Pointers and Guidelines

Pointers and Guidelines

Inside the Remote Working report you'll find plenty of practical advice and suggestions tailored to the specific needs of a candidate's personality style.

The Eight Remote Working Factors


Adjusting to changing circumstances or new requirements as they arise


Working together with colleagues in a productive team environment


Potential to take full advantage of remote working systems and technologies


Communicating freely with others and ensuring that they remain informed


Being capable of structuring work, and effectively prioritising and managing tasks


Capability of working reliably and consistently over extended periods


Being ready to rely on personal resources and make independent decisions

Time Management

Productively managing time in the most effective and efficient way possible

These eight factors represent a cross-section of the personality traits needed in a remote working situation, and each candidate will show strong scores in some of these areas. The pattern of these factors in a personality gives an immediate view of where a candidate will excel when working from a home office, and where they are likely to need support or guidance.

Screenshot showing a relationship report based on two DISC personality profiles Axiom Internet Group Axiom Software Limited Screenshot showing a relationship report based on two DISC personality profiles

Like all our other reports, a Remote Working report can be viewed directly through a your Web browser, or you can create a PDF copy to print or share by e-mail. Remote Working reports are automatically available for all profiles at the Enhanced level, and you have the option of enabling them for reports at other levels, too.

Inside a Remote Working Report

  • Each of the eight Remote Working Factors relates to behaviour directly relevant in a remote setting, and is specifically explained in the context of an individual's personality.
  • Also included are a series of pointers and guidelines tailored to the situation represented by a particular behavioural style.
  • The report looks at series of common scenarios in a remote or home working situation, and also at more specific conditions as they relate to a unique personality style.
  • Included as an appendix within the report is a 'Strategies' guide providing helpful hints that can make remote working a positive and rewarding experience.
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