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Professional DISC assessment solutions since 1994

Your Free Guide to DISC Personality Testing

Learn how DISC assessment can help improve your recruitment process, team building and leadership development

DISC The Complete Introduction is your comprehensive and indispensible DISC sourcebook. Inside you'll find out how DISC can help with recruitment and assessment, as well as building motivation and communicating and much more besides.

Inside the guide, you'll find all the reference materials in a convenient PDF format. Just take a look at everything DISC The Complete Introduction has to offer:

What is DISC? example pages

What is DISC?

Introducing one of the world's favourite commercial personality profiling tools

Before getting into the depths of DISC profiling, we start the guide by easing you into the world of DISC with a general overview of the entire technique and its uses.

  • What is DISC?
  • What Can DISC Do For You?
  • The Benefits of DISC Profiling
DISC in Theory example pages

DISC in Theory

Your guide through the ideas and principles that come together to create and interpret a DISC profile

This part of the guide fills you in on the theory that makes DISC tick, from its origins and first principles through to full DISC profile interpretations and personality types.

  • How DISC Works
  • The History and Evolution of DISC
  • The Reliability and Validity of DISC
  • DISC Profiles: The Basics
  • The D Factor: Dominance
  • The I Factor: Influence
  • The S Factor: Steadiness
  • The C Factor: Compliance
  • Factors in Combination
  • Changes Across a Series
  • DISC Profile Interpretations
Examples of DISC Sub-traits
Packed with DISC Detail

You'll find a huge amount of DISC reference material inside the guide. Entire sections of reference material cover DISC factors in combination, as well as a complete library of DISC profile interpretations.

DISC in Practice example pages

DISC in Practice

Getting the most out of DISC: an in-depth guide to the practical applications of DISC profiling

DISC offers a whole range of advantages and benefits. In this section of the guide we look at the practicalities behind using DISC to recruit, assess and develop people. We also take a look at more sophisticated solutions like enhancing teamwork and career testing.

  • Recruitment
  • Cultural Integration
  • Assessment
  • Redeployment
  • Team Building
  • Addressing Specific Problems
  • Career Development
DISC Profiling with Discus example pages

DISC Profiling with Discus

Exploring the capabilities and potential of Discus, one of the most powerful DISC profiling solutions available

To take full advantage of all of DISC's possibilities, you'll need a powerful profiling solution with a full DISC profiling feature set. That solution is Discus, and in this final part of the guide we'll take you on a tour through all its capabilities, and give you access to plenty of sample reports and other material.

  • Introducing the Discus DISC Profiler
  • Invitations and Questionnaires
  • The DISC Personality Report
  • Candidate Profile Feedback
  • Job Matching
  • Managing Relationships
  • Team building with DISC
  • Sample DISC Reports
  • Discus Platforms and Apps
  • Customisation and Branding
  • DISC Languages

The full Complete Introduction to DISC is dense with valuable information, and it also includes links to even more resources on the Web, including videos, sample reports and everything you need to get started using the Discus DISC profiler.

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The Complete DISC Solution For Your Business

    • Fully GDPR compliant
    • Create DISC profiles across the web
    • Exceptional report content and quality
    • Free and unlimited email invitations
    • Free and unlimited job matching
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    • Credits never expire
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    • Expanded and improved for 30 years
    • Unlimited questionnaires
    • No profiling subscription fees
    • Reporting to suit your needs
    • Matching candidates to jobs
    • Feedback reports for candidates
    • Discounts on credit purchases
    • Your own branded profiling portal
    • Multilingual profiling
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