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The complete DISC assessment solution for your business

Managing your personality profile administration, handling invitations across the Internet and compiling DISC reports automatically

Professional DISC profiling for 27 years

Personality assessment in three easy steps

Sending DISC questionnaire invitations

Set up profiles

Invite as many candidates as you need to profile. Send online invitations with just a single click. Click to find out more

An online DISC questionnaire in action

Run online questionnaires

Profile questionnaires are handled completely online. Analyzing the answers is all managed automatically. Click to find out more

A DISC personality report

Explore personality in depth

Discus instantly compiles a densely detailed individualized report for any DISC profile. Click to find out more

Includes these core services at no extra cost

Free and unlimited to all users

Matching candidates to jobs

Job matching

Choose from a library of hundreds of different roles, or create your own using the built-in Job Profiler. Click to find out more

Assessing a working relationship with DISC

Working relationships

Compare any two candidates to understand their relationship from both perspectives. Click to find out more

Team building with DISC

Team building

Combine reports for any number of candidates to generate an in-depth team analysis. Click to find out more

Loaded with extra features

Just a sample of the range of additional services and options

Remote and Home Working

Remote and Home Working reports

A report exploring the way a personality is affected by working in a remote setting or home office. Click to find out more

Viewing a Feedback Report

Feedback reports

Give your candidates feedback on their personality results using the specially developed Feedback Report. Click to find out more

Understanding motivation with the Motivation Spectrum

Motivation reports

Discus includes a specialized 'Motivation Spectrum' report to focus in on the motivational factors that drive an individual. Click to find out more

Customizing Discus with branding services


Customize your candidates' profiling experience by adding your own corporate identity to personality profiles and reports. Click to find out more

Personality profiling you can trust

Creating DISC profiles for 27 years

A proven solution

Wreath background

Discus has been constantly developed and improved over the last 27 years.

DISC reliability and validity

Valid and reliable

The DISC personality system has been independently reviewed for its validity and reliability. Click to find out more

Available in dozens of languages

International in scope

A worldwide profiling solution, DISC profiles and reports are available in dozens of languages. Click to find out more

Supports multiple platforms, and is available in app form

Scalable to any platform

Profiling and reporting runs across the Web on any system or platform, from your desktop to your phone. Click to find out more

Your questions answered

What does a DISC test cost?

The service itself is free to use; you only pay for the profiles you create using the system. As part of your registration, you'll be provided with a set of credits so you can start creating profiles right away. Extra features like Job Matching, Relationship Assessment and Team Building are all available for unlimited use at no extra charge.

You can find full details of our introductory packages, including package prices, on our Purchase page.

How do credits work?

At the simplest level, one credit is the price of a Classic profile report; that is, for one credit you can create a comprehensive overview report for any DISC profile. Reports with different content are charged at different credit rates, so the more detailed Enhanced report costs two credits, while the basic Outline report costs just three-quarters of a credit. You can upgrade between report levels at any time.

You can prepurchase credits ahead of time to ensure that you're always set up ready to create profiles, and there are significant discounts available for volume credit purchases.

Do credits ever expire?

No. Once you purchase credits, they remain on your account until you use them, with no expiry limit.

How does a DISC questionnaire work?

A standard DISC assessment contains twenty-four multiple-choice questions. Questions are typically presented to candidates using an interactive questionnaire, which can be used to complete profiles across the Web. We also provide the option to print an unlimited supply of paper questionnaires.

Completion time can vary according to the particular type of questionnaire used and according to the individual candidate. In general, however, a questionnaire will take about ten minutes for a candidate to complete.

Is DISC a validated test system?

A full report on the validity and reliability of our psychometric assessment is available in the Roodt Report. See our Reliability and Validity section for full information.

Can I create my own DISC profile?

If you just want to see your own DISC personality assessment, you can do that without signing up for the full package. We can provide a single profile questionnaire directly through this site, but note that this is designed for you to answer about yourself and create your own personal report. We don't recommend this service for creating profiles of other people; in that case, registering for the full service is the best course of action.

How does DISC work?

Our personality test is based on DISC theory, one of the best established commercial profile systems in use today. The core personality profile measures four fundamental factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance (from the initials of which we get 'DISC'). Extrapolating out from these measurements we can derive specific interpretations covering a whole range of behavioral styles and their reactions to different conditions.

If you'd like to find out more about DISC, you'll find a useful introduction on our What is DISC? page.

How do I get started with DISC?

Just take a few minutes to run through our simple registration process, and you'll be ready to get started right away. You can choose from a range of packages with different options, from the basic Core package up to the Ultimate package that includes extra features such as personalized branding and a free Certification Course.

I have another question not answered here...

We're always happy to answer any questions you may have. You can get in touch with us by phone, Skype or e-mail using our Contact page. If you're in a hurry, why not use our Callback service? Just pick a time, and we'll call you back to discuss any questions you have.

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