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Gender-Neutral Reporting with Discus

A Discus Feature Focus

Published: Tuesday 28 May 2024

The Discus report has always been intelligent enough to distinguish between candidate genders, and to adjust its content accordingly. So, for example, if you are working with two candidates of different genders, you would see variations on the text like those shown here:

John is a person who approaches his work in an accepting and friendly way, being open to others and expressing himself easily.

Jane is a person who approaches her work in an accepting and friendly way, being open to others and expressing herself easily.

That flexible approach works well in most cases, but there are conditions where it can be limiting. For example, you might have a situation where a candidate might legitimately prefer not to provide a specific gender. Even where a candidate provides their gender, you might wish to take steps to ensure that your assessment process is as objective as possible from this standpoint.

To help address questions like this, Discus also supports complete gender neutrality. This gives you the option to create reports that make no direct reference to the candidate's gender at all, so that our example above would appear as something like this:

This candidate is a person who approaches their work in an accepting and friendly way, being open to others and expressing themselves easily.

This report structure helps to ensure that selection decisions are made as impartially as possible, and also that a candidate is no longer obligated to choose only one of two gender options when they are completing their questionnaire. Note that these features are completely optional.

How Gender Neutrality Works

The gender-neutrality features work at two levels. One affects the way a candidate enters their personal details before completing a questionnaire, and the other affects the way that that candidate's Discus report is produced.

From the candidate's point of view, selecting a particular gender is no longer a requirement when entering personal details. Indeed, you now have the option to turn off the 'Gender' question altogether if you prefer.

If no gender is provided for a candidate, then the report will automatically appear in gender-neutral mode. By default, where Discus does have access to gender details, it will still use them to compile its report as it always has. However, you also have the option to disable this behaviour, so that all reports appear in a completely gender-neutral format. That's especially useful if you're sharing report contents with others as part of a selection process, and you want to ensure that the process remains completely unbiased.

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