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Getting DISC Help and Training

A Discus Feature Focus

Published: Monday 25 September 2023

Discus gives you plenty of background information to help you make the most of all its capabilities. Whether you just need basic help about how to use a particular feature, or a more in-depth understanding, you'll find the answer within Discus' library of help and support materials. In this month's Feature Focus, we'll take a look at the range of help that Discus can provide.

Whether you're a beginner, or a DISC expert looking for reference material, you'll find everything you need in the Discus 'Help' menu. Click the small blue 'Help' button at the top right of your screen (it appears throughout the system) and you'll see a menu guiding you to all the different options and features we discuss here.

Getting Started

If you're just starting out with Discus, it can provide you with a tour of all its most important features. From the 'Help' menu, choose the 'Quick Start Guide' option, and you'll see a simple guide, starting with the process of creating a new profile.

You can click any of the options at the bottom of the window to explore different topics, and don't forget that you can also download the entire guide in a handy PDF form for reference.

Help in Context

Discus always keeps track of where you are within the system, so it can always offer help that's relevant to your particular situation. To see this, just choose 'About this page', which is always the first option in the 'Help' menu.

Whatever you are currently doing within the system, you can choose this option to open detailed Help information relating to your current action and all the options available to you.

About DISC

Discus is designed to give you useful profile interpretations without the need to become an expert in DISC, but the more you know about the profiling system, the more you'll get from your results.

If you're new to DISC, you'll find the Help menu's graphical 'Introduction to DISC' a helpful resource, while for more advanced users we also provide a 'DISC Reference' guide that goes into the DISC system in depth.

Video Training: An Introduction to DISC

If you're interested in exploring DISC in even more detail, don't forget that we provide a complete online video DISC certification course, An Introduction to DISC. This online course includes more than three hours' worth of video content, alongside downloadable training notes, a suite of interactive exercises and a certificate of completion. Find out more on the Axiom Software Training site today.

Online Support

If all else fails, and you can't find the answer you need through any of these online resources, then we also offer a built-in online support feature. Open the 'Help' menu and click the 'Support' option to access support. You'll see that a form appears, prefilled with your basic account details so that our support operatives can give you specific help. There's also a space for you to describe your question; once you've completed this, click 'OK' to send the form, and we'll respond to your question as soon as possible.

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