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Guest Access For Administrators

A Discus Feature Focus

Published: Tuesday 31 October 2023

It's often the case that your administrative staff will be handling the setting up and delivery of Discus profile tests, but you won't always want administrators to have full access to all of the information held by Discus. The Guest Access feature is designed to address just this situation, allowing you to set up a limited level of access to your Discus account.

In the Settings tab of your Discus account, you'll see 'Access Control' as one of the options. In that section you'll see an automatically-generated password that can be used to sign in to your account in place of your normal Discus password. Signing in with this Guest Password opens up Discus with its features limited to just those needed to set up a Discus invitation or to run a test directly. Guest users do not have access to other Discus features like candidate results or credit purchasing.

This feature does not affect your normal Discus account in any way. It's an optional extra level of access giving you a finer level of control over the use of your Discus account.

Understanding DISC

Understanding DISC is a comprehensive reference guide to the DISC psychometric system, covering all aspects of its operation and applications.

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