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Matching Profiles to Jobs and Roles

A Discus Feature Focus

Published: Tuesday 26 December 2023

Did you know that you can expand any Discus profile report to include an extra Job Match section? A Job Match will compare a candidate's DISC profile against an ideal profile for a job or role, and give you a breakdown of that candidate's specific strengths for that role, along with possible training requirements.

This feature is typically used to check how well suited the candidate is for a particular job (hence the name 'Job Match') but you can use it to compare a set of DISC results against any relevant behavioural requirements you might have.

Remember that a Job Match is necessarily limited to the factors described by DISC, and so it can only take account of behavioural questions, but it will give you a useful guideline to help understand how well an individual will fit a particular role.

How does it work?

Adding a Job Match to a candidate report is easy. First, open the report that interests you, then click the Job Match button to the right of the screen.

Discus includes a huge range of predefined Job Profiles for you to choose from, not only covering numerous industry sectors, but also including a selection of general roles. Just choose one from the list (remember you can use the 'Category' option to find particular types of job that interest you).

When you've selected a job or role from the list, just click OK to create the Job Match report.

Discus will now add a new section to the bottom of your report, and show it immediately. There you'll find not only a direct comparison showing your candidate's suitability for the role you chose, but also a detailed description of the role itself, and even a comparison against other related types of job.

Choosing a Different Job Match

You can choose a different Job Match at any time. Just click the Job Match button again and choose a different role for the comparison. The only restriction is that you can only include one Job Match per candidate report, so choosing a new one will replace your original Job Match analysis.

Creating Your Own Job Profiles

The library of general Job Match profiles provided by Discus are necessarily approximations of the needs of a particular job. Discus includes everything you need to create your own Job Profiles, too - indeed, we encourage you to create profiles that describe your exact needs. To set up a Job Profile, click your Jobs tab to enter Discus' built-in Job Profiler. Remember that there's plenty of Help available to guide you through the process, and once you've produced your now Job Profile, you can use it to create a Job Match in exactly the same way as a standard Discus Job Profile.

How much does it cost?

Both Job Matching and Job Profiling are absolutely free of charge. Once you've created a DISC profile report, you're free to produce as many Job Matches as you need, and you can create an unlimited number of Job Profiles on your Discus account at no charge.

Understanding DISC

Understanding DISC is a comprehensive reference guide to the DISC psychometric system, covering all aspects of its operation and applications.

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