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Professional DISC assessment solutions since 1994

Your Free DISC Overview

This is a sample of a free DISC report. You can see actual DISC results for your own personality by completing a quick and easy free DISC test right now.

This Overview is your introduction to the main features of your personality style. As you explore the Discus report further, the themes introduced here will be developed and expanded, and further sections of this report will look at your behavior in more specific roles or working situations.

Report produced on
Friday 1 March 2024

Your Personality Type: Consultant

You are a Consultant. You're a person who naturally searches for better ways of doing things.

You often think up new ideas, but you also like to feel sure how other people will view those ideas before you act on them.

You prefer to build up a consensus, feeling that you're supported by those around you before you commit yourself.

More About You

You're a cautious and perceptive person, and getting things right is important to you.

You're concerned to avoid causing offense, or making mistakes.

You're receptive to others' points of view, and ready to change your mind on a subject if you're provided with clear evidence or solid reasoning.

Understanding the reality of a situation is important to you.

You're concerned with developing an objective understanding of how things are, and you prefer to concentrate on matters of fact, rather than personal feelings or subjective ideas.

This Style Card is a simple summary DISC graph that compresses all four DISC factors down to a single point on a grid.

The different colors on the grid represent different personality style (so, the blue marker here shows that you belong to the 'Analyst' type by this system).

Your Key Personality Factors

This selection of keywords represents your most important personality factors. Based on your answers to the questionnaires, these are terms that encapsulate some of the most prominent features of your personality.











Your business profiling solution

Now you've seen how insightful DISC can be, imagine using it to find the right people for your business

Discus is the ultimate DISC service for recruiting and managing your Human Resources.

Creating a Discus account give you access a wide range of assessment tools that are both powerful and cost-effective.

*These reports are free with Enhanced profiles
**These reports are always free and unlimited

Discover why thousands of customers across the world choose Discus as their DISC profile solution.

  • Independently validated
  • Expanded and improved for 30 years
  • Create profiles across the Web
  • Unlimited questionnaires
  • No profile subscription fees
  • Reporting to suit your needs
  • Matching candidates to jobs
  • Free relationship profile
  • Free team profile service
  • Feedback reports for candidates
  • Discounts on credit purchases
  • Your own branded test portal
  • Multilingual tests and reports
  • Exceptional report quality
  • Specialized motivation reports
  • Remote and home working reports

Setting up your Discus account takes just a few moments, and all of these features will be ready and waiting for you.

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