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Professional DISC assessment solutions since 1994

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DISC Profile and Personality Assessment Solutions for your Business

Perform tests online and create comprehensive and accessible reports, with job matching and more, through our integrated and cost-effective solutions

DISC Profile and Personality Assessment Solutions for your Business

Perform tests online and create comprehensive and accessible reports, with job matching and more, through our integrated and cost-effective solutions

date_range 30 years
providing professional DISC services
apartment 50,000+
businesses around the world rely on Discus
file_copy 335,000+
Discus reports produced in the last year
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possible personality reports
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countries served around the world
language 35
languages supported

DISC testing and profiling combine everything you need to build a comprehensive and cost-effective personality profile solution for your organization.

Over the last 30 years, we've helped thousands of organizations across the world to use psychometric assessment to develop and motivate their human resources.

We use proprietary, independently validated DISC profile technology to create a huge range of personality reports covering a whole range of business topics.

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Explore a DISC profile report

More about DISC reporting

Take a tour through the capabilities of a full personality report.

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Personality assessment that works for everyone

A DISC test is based on a simple questionnaire that's administered and scored automatically, and from the results, a dedicated expert system creates reports that tell you just what you need to know.

A comprehensive and accessible personality report can be compiled in a matter of moments.

Personality reports are written in clear and accessible text, with plenty of graphics and charts. We also provide backup resources like online DISC assessment training and free reference guides, so you'll always have the knowledge you need to get the most from personality assessment.

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See an example of a full personality report

Take a look for yourself

Each detailed DISC personality report includes a comprehensive textual interpretation.

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Get the complete picture

We create personality reports that are second to none for depth or quality. Reports cover an extensive range of topics, with the centerpiece being a detailed description of a personality written in plain language, and tailored to a person's specific DISC test results.

Each report is unique to an individual, based on billions of possible combinations.

DISC personality assessments are designed to be as free as possible from cultural or gender bias. We offer completely gender-neutral psychometric reports, enabling you to ensure an objective assessment for each of your candidates.

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  • check_circleTesting across the Web
  • check_circleAdd profiles at any time
  • check_circleProfile reports that never expire
  • check_circleComprehensive reporting
  • check_circleUnlimited Job Matching
  • check_circleCustomized Job Profiles
  • check_circleUnlimited relationship analysis
  • check_circleUnlimited team building
  • check_circleCandidate management
  • check_circleFull GDPR compliance
  • check_circleFree telephone support
  • Find out more about DISC Job Matching

    How Does Job Matching Work?

    Discover how a DISC test and a Job Profile can come together to create a DISC Job Match.

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    Matching people and jobs

    A DISC profile can be used for more than personality assessment. It's also possible to create a profile for the personality needs of any job or role. Based on that, we can match personalities and find ideal fits between candidates and roles.

    Sophisticated matching technology helps to build motivation and productivity while saving time and effort.

    Matching like this can play a key part in finding the best fit for any individual or role. An extensive library of template Job Profiles is included for matching like this, as well as all the tools you need to set up your own.

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    Find out more about the Remote and Home Working Report

    Remote Working in Detail

    Take a look at the specialist assessment options available inside this unique personality report.

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    A focus on remote working

    Remote or hybrid working is here to stay, and a dedicated Remote Working Report can help ensure remote staff remain productive and effective.

    The Remote Working Report focuses on the reactions and needs of remote workers.

    A Remote Working report presents a whole range of valuable insights based on a personality assessment, including discussions of adaptability, collaboration, interaction, self-sufficiency and time-management.

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    Find out more about Team Building

    Team Building with DISC

    Explore a whole range of team and leadership assessment features.

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    Build and manage effective teams

    You're not limited to working with individual DISC test results. You can go a step further, and combine DISC profiles together to model any team.

    An entire module is dedicated to exploring teamwork, team roles and team leadership.

    Team assessment helps you to understand and even predict the kinds of team roles different personalities will adopt, and to find the ideal group of people for any project. What's more, it incorporates leadership analysis, so you can optionally assess the effects of different leaders on the team's performance.

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    Find out more about relationship assessments

    Relationships and Dynamics

    See how a DISC relationship assessment can highlight key features of any working relationship.

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    Understand and develop working relationships

    Relationship assessments help you understand how two individuals work together, based on their personalities. A process like this can help to show how two people can work most productively together, as well as anticipating potential conflicts.

    Personality dynamics are key to working relationships, and a Relationship Assessment highlights the dynamics that matter.

    A DISC relationship analysis looks at a working relationship from the viewpoints of both individuals. That can help to identify where two personalities are in synergy, and also where their perceptions are at odds with one another.

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    Start exploring DISC or find out how DISC works

    All About the DISC Test

    If you want to find out more about DISC profiling, you'll find extensive background material on this site.

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    About the DISC psychometric test

    DISC is one of the world’s most popular personality assessment tools, giving detailed and relevant behavioral insights that help businesses in recruitment, assessment and personal development.

    A DISC profile is created from the answers to a simple questionnaire, measuring four core personality factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance, whose initials give DISC its name.

    A DISC test (or DISC assessment) can quantify an individual's personality and behavioral patterns. Based on that key information, it can help to optimize their individual role, as well as their working relationships with others or a wider team.

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    Take a look at all the available language options.

    Multilingual Support

    Multilingual profiling supports a huge range of different languages from around the world.

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    A global solution

    Profiling works through any standard web browser, so you can sign into your account on any device, from a mobile phone to a desktop computer.

    Wherever you're working from - home, office, or the other side of the world - we have you covered.

    DISC personality reports and questionnaires can be undertaken and viewed in all major languages, and can be freely translated from one language to another.

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    Setting up DISC personality assessments takes just three easy steps

    1: Set up invitations
    1 Set Up Profiles

    Invite as many candidates as you need to profile, then send online invitations with just a single click.

    2: Run online questionnaires
    2 Run Online Questionnaires

    Profile questionnaires are handled completely online. Analyzing the answers is all managed automatically.

    3: Read the Discus personality report
    3 Explore Personality In Depth

    A densely detailed individualized report is compiled instantly for any DISC profile.

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