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Professional DISC assessment solutions since 1994

The DISC assessment solution in a league of its own

Find out why Discus is far more than just another DISC test

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After decades of research and development, we have created a complete DISC solution. It gives you an integrated application that handles every aspect of DISC management for you. That includes setting up your own tests and reporting on the results, but it offers much, much more than this, with a whole range of features and facilities you won't find anywhere else.

State-of-the-art DISC reporting that you can trust

Our reporting capabilities truly stand apart from any comparable solution. Reports are compiled using a proprietary expert system designed for just this purpose, which constructs reports from thousands of hand-crafted sections of analysis. These are carefully combined into a report based on the individual characteristic in a person's DISC results, offering a completely individual analysis.

This approach means that we can provide literally millions of different report combinations that match not only a person's four basic DISC scores, but also the ways those scores interact with one another across a complete profile series to provide an unparalleled level of detail. While many DISC reporting systems offer just a handful of possible reports based on a few standard 'types', we give you a truly individual report tailored to each person you need to assess.

What's more, the material produced by Discus is carefully curated and assessed to ensure the quality of each combination. While the software is built on a powerful expert system, we do not use any text-generation AI to produce the report content itself, so you can always be sure that the material is suitable, appropriate and trustworthy. Because our reports are produced by an advanced algorithmic process, they are guaranteed to be free of any discriminatory content or cultural bias.

Powerful analysis that gives you meaningful and relevant insights

Our DISC reports are designed with professional and commercial applications in mind, so you won't simply find an overview of personality features, but also a host of content that covers relevant and significant work skills. We look in detail at capabilities like communication and decision-making, as well as more specific work functions like management and administration. In total, a typical report provides more than sixty pages of powerful analysis like this.

Our reports can also be used directly as an aid in recruitment, assessment and management. They combine with a powerful job matching feature to help you identify precisely how, in personality terms, an individual fits into a role, while team and relationship profiling help to optimise interactions with others. We can even identify and report on specific areas of strength, as well as those that require further investigation and development. All these features together help you to optimise and maximise the productivity of your human resources.

Smart, inclusive and unbiased reporting

Reports are designed to be as meaningful and accessible as possible, with plenty of explanatory material available for new users. Report contents are balanced and non-cultural, customised to the candidate addressing them by name and using appropriate pronouns, which can be inclusive and gender-neutral.

For maximum usability, we also support multiple different languages, and you can freely translate the report’s contents from one language to another. This multilingual approach applies to DISC testing, too, so you can have a candidate complete a questionnaire in one language, and read the results of that test in another.

One interface does everything

In addition to its powerful reporting capabilities, there's even more to Discus. Everything you need to manage DISC profiling is provided on a single account. All your needs are handled by a single application, including testing, reporting and extensive additional assessment tools.

You can set up DISC tests with a single click. Discus will take care of the administration of the tests online, and compile and analyse the results for you, automatically, even sending you a personal notification when they're ready to view. Those results are added to your own secure candidate database, so you always have a permanent record of your results, and you can access those results at any time.

A comprehensive range of compelling features

Discus allows you to take DISC analysis further with your own toolbox of extra DISC profiling features, all available as standard. For example, you can create custom DISC definitions for roles in your organisation, or assess working relationships between individuals. We also provide a complete team profiling service to explore the dynamics at work within a team, and also look at that team's leadership. All of these features are provided for every user, and all are available free, with no limitations on use.

We provide even more features to maximise its usefulness, including the facility to add custom branding to tests and reports. It even includes an administrative access level, so you can set up tests while ensuring the privacy of your candidates' personal details.

An established solution you can trust

All your candidate information is always available to you from your candidate database, so you always have a historical record of your DISC results. The data is kept safe and fully encrypted, and we provide tools to let you download, back up or remove that data as necessary.

We want you to feel secure, too, knowing that your DISC results represent reliable and useful interpretations. Discus is one of only a handful of DISC tests worldwide that has been independently assessed and validated, and we make that review publicly available for your review.

We hope you can see what makes Discus such a special profiling solution, and how effectively it can meet your needs. You have a choice of next steps you can take:


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