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Professional DISC assessment solutions since 1994

An Introduction to Discus Personality Profiling

Your pathway to all the advantages of DISC assessment

The Discus solution provides a wealth of features and options, as we’ll see, but at its heart the process of handling DISC profiles is a simple one.

On this page, we'll run through the basic steps in creating an online DISC profile, and then take a look at some of the extra tools and features that help to make DISC so powerful.

Starting a DISC test

Invitations take a few seconds to create, though there are also extra options for advanced users.

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Setting up DISC profiles

Choose the candidates you need to profile, and Discus will handle the rest, sending out online profile invitations with just a single click.

We also provide a whole range of alternative ways to create DISC profiles, depending on your needs, so you can also display a questionnaire directly on the screen, or even print one and enter the answers late.

The 'direct entry' feature means that, if you already have a set of DISC results, you can enter them straight into Discus and see a report for those factors.

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Managing online questionnaires

Discus provides a full candidate experience through its questionnaire portal.

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Running DISC questionnaires online

Once invited, your candidates follow a link to their personal questionnaire portal, where they provide answers to a quick and simple online questionnaire.

You can customise the questionnaire style and content to suit the candidates involved, presenting different types of questions in the language of your choice.

We also offer a questionnaire branding service, so you can set up the questionnaire portal to appear in your corporate colours and carrying your own logo.

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Understand personality in detail

Our unparalleled depth and range of reporting provides real insights into a personality style.

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Exploring personalities in depth

DISC questionnaires are handled completely online. Analysing the answers is all managed automatically, and a fully detailed assessment is produced the moment that results are available.

Those assessments take the form of densely detailed reports covering all aspects of personality. Focussed on a professional and work setting, each report provides more than sixty pages of interpretation.

Discus reports are not based on templates for a few 'types', but each report is compiled to reflect the individual features of the personality in question.

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Take a look at a DISC report

See what's available in a full DISC assessment, including a complete sample report.

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Comprehensive and invaluable DISC personality reports

The DISC reports produced by Discus look at the personality in a whole range of different ways, providing graphical descriptions as well as detailed textual analysis.

Our textual content is generated from thousands of hand-crafted sections designed to fit specific personality traits and factors, and focussing on dozens of different topics.

A full textual analysis looks at twenty-one different subject areas, ranging from general commentary to specific business functions to useful additional sections such as behavioural interview questions.

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Explore the full range of reports

See all of the reporting options in our library of downloadable samples.

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A wide range of extra reporting options

The main DISC report provides a thorough discussion of a set of DISC results and their effects across a wide range of topics, but we also offer a range of other reports for specific applications.

Among these is a Feedback report, suitable for the candidate to read about their own results, as well as specialised reports on topics such a remote working or motivational factors.

You also have detailed control over the contents of DISC reports, so you can optionally limit the report contents to just material that's directly relevant to you.

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Job and Candidate Matching

Discover how we can use DISC results to assess how well a candidate will match the personality needs of any job.

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Matching jobs with ideal candidates

For any role, we can compare a candidate's DISC factors against the ideal personality template to assess how well suited their personality is to the role's needs.

The entire matching process is automated, so it's easy to find candidates whose personality matches a role's needs, or to find roles that suit a particular candidate.

We can do more than simply rate suitability, and a match assessment also provides a report explaining individual strengths and limitations for any job.

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Job Profiling with DISC

See how the Job Profiler makes it easy to create and match your own custom roles.

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Defining the personality needs of any job or role

Though the Job Profile Library gives you hundreds of profiles to match against, it's often the case that you'll want to match candidates against a very specific set of role criteria.

To meet that need, Discus includes an extensive set of job profiling tools, so you can produce your own match profiles by (among other options) answering a simple questionnaire or defining DISC factors directly.

Job profiling is included as an unlimited service. You can produce and adapt as many job profiles as you need at no charge.

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More about DISC relationships

Discover how DISC can describe the key personality factors in any working relationship.

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Using DISC to develop working relationships

If you have DISC profiles for any two individuals, you can use relationship assessment to examine the working relationship between those two people in detail.

A relationship assessment report looks at the personality dynamics at work within any relationship to highlight its strengths, as well as areas were development may be needed.

A relationship report examines a working relationship from both points of view, showing how each of the two individuals involved views their interactions with the other.

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More about team profiling

See how DISC can be used to model and explore team dynamics.

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The role of personality in teams and leadership

With the built-in Team Profiler, we define a team using sets of DISC results, and then explore that team’s performance and effectiveness.

It's possible to assemble any group of candidates whose DISC profiles are available, and optionally assign leadership of the team to any of those individuals.

The Team Profiler will produce a sophisticated custom report for any combination of profiles. Team profiling is free and unlimited to all Discus users.

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