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High Influence Only

Example Graph

Influence is the factor of communication. A profile like that on the left, showing high Influence with no other balancing factors, is very closely linked with those styles that communicate easily and fluently with others. It is for this reason that profiles of this kind are often referred to as 'Communicator' profiles - they describe confident, outgoing and gregarious individuals who value contact with other people and the development of positive relations.

Relating to Others

Relating to others is what a High-I (highly Influential person) does best. They are open to others and confident in their own social abilities, allowing them to interact positively in almost any situation. Their strong and evident confidence, coupled with their genuine interest in the ideas and especially feelings of other people, are often found charming by those around them.

Common Abilities

From the above, it will be no surprise that a High-I's most distinct abilities lie in the area of communication. They are strong communicators, possessing the assertiveness to drive home a point of view, but also the intuitive qualities to understand others' perspectives and adapt to meet new situations.

Motivating Factors

Highly Influential individuals are motivated by relations with others. Specifically, they need to feel accepted by those around them, and react badly if they perceive themselves to be rejected or disliked. Praise and approval make a strong impression on them, and they will sometimes go to great lengths to achieve this kind of reaction from other people.

Especially important to this type of person are the opinions and reactions of their particularly close friends. When a High-I develops very close ties with somebody, that person becomes part of their 'Influence Group', as it is known. Their actions will often be designed to improve and extend relations within this group, even to the extent of alienating people who are not part of this circle. This factor can make highly Influential characters appear unpredictable at times.


The Sub-traits of a highly Influential type are Friendliness, Enthusiasm and Self-confidence.

Style Card

High-I's are Assertive and Open. They relate directly to the Style Card segment of the Communicator.

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