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Professional DISC assessment solutions since 1994

DISC Testing: Invitations and Questionnaires

Managing DISC profile questionnaires online

Collecting the answers to a questionnaire is the first step in creating a DISC profile, and Discus gives you a whole range of ways to do just that.

The simplest and most efficient way to handle questionnaires is to use the Invitations feature, and we'll look at that in detail first. If you need another approach, we also provide multiple different questionnaire types and techniques in many different languages.

Invitations: A Complete Online Solution

The most powerful approach to DISC testing is the Invitation feature, so called because it revolves around inviting a candidate to complete their profile directly online. All you need to do is enter an e-mail address, and everything else is taken care of, including setting up an online questionnaire and inviting your candidate to complete it for you. Once that person has entered their responses, their results will be compiled into a DISC report ready for you to review.

DISC Profiles and Job Matching

That's the invitation process in a nutshell, but there are also a host of options and services that combine to make this feature truly powerful. Here's just a selection of some of the extra capabilities the Invitation service can offer:

Online Invitations offer you efficient and direct online profiling, but we also give you plenty of other options to suit your particular profiling needs.

More Questionnaire Options

Send an invitation

Send an invitation

Invite a candidate to complete a DISC questionnaire online through their Web browser.

Start an on-screen test

Start an on-screen test

Run a DISC questionnaire for a candidate to complete directly on the screen.

Print a questionnaire

Print a questionnaire

Create and print a custom DISC questionnaire ready for manual completion.

If you prefer to conduct supervised testing on your own premises, real-time questionnaires are available for just that situation. Questionnaires can be run directly on the screen, or if you prefer to use paper questionnaires, you can print as many as you need at no charge.

All these direct questionnaires are also available in a full range of languages, and if you're using printed question sets, there's even a specially designed entry system that lets you enter and check the answers in a matter of moments.

The Complete DISC Solution For Your Business

  • Inviting candidates: Just enter a candidate's e-mail address, and the rest of the testing process is handled for you. Invitations are sent and managed automatically, and DISC results are available as soon as an online questionnaire is completed.
  • On-screen questionnaires: Complete a DISC questionnaire directly through your own browser display.
  • Paper questionnaires: Print unlimited paper questionnaires, and quickly enter candidate responses through an entry system created for that purpose.
  • Questionnaire options: All DISC questionnaires are available in three variants to suit your profiling needs, and in dozens of different languages.
  • Global device support: Online questionnaires are designed to work on any device, from a desktop browser to a handheld phone.
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Get Started Now

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Looking for your own personality report?

Looking for your own personality report?

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Download your <em>free</em> guide to DISC personality testing

Download your free guide to DISC personality testing

DISC: The Complete Introduction

Learn how DISC assessment can help improve your recruitment process, team building and leadership development.

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