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DISC Profile Feedback

A DISC report designed from the candidate's point of view

A Feedback Report is an alternative way of looking at a set of DISC results: from the perspective of the person who answered the questionnaire.

It's only natural that a person completing a DISC questionnaire will be curious to see the outcome. Providing them with access to their own results is not only best practice, but also a great way to engage them with the profiling process and help to drive discussion.

The level of depth and detail in a full Discus DISC report isn't the ideal vehicle for feedback of this kind, especially if it includes Job Matching information. For that reason Discus includes a second reporting option, the Feedback Report, that's designed specifically for the candidate to review their own results.

Discus Feedback Report: About You

About You

A clear introduction to the personality report, with accessible explanations and graphics.

Discus Feedback Report: Your Core Values

Your Core Values

Exploring the fundamental values that lie at the heart of the personality.

Discus Feedback Report: Abilities, Strengths, Limitations

Abilities, Strengths, Limitations

Focussing on the major strengths of a personality, as well as potential limitations.

The Feedback Report is much briefer than a full Discus report, written in a friendly accessible second-person style, with lots of explanatory text. Inside the report is an overall summary of the personality, and a series of sections covering topics likely to be of interest to someone reading their own personality report. For example, it provides a comparison against the population as a whole, and looks at topics like personal development and relating to other people. The report finishes with a brief section on career planning, as a helpful guide to the kinds of roles that suit the reader best.

Discus Feedback Report: Personal Development

Personal Development

A look at potential changes within the personality and effective ways to achieve them.

Discus Feedback Report: Relating to Other People

Relating to Other People

Important questions of a personality's communication style, including the perceptions of others.

Discus Feedback Report: Your Work Style

Your Work Style

A summary of the key work skills and aptitudes described by the personality profile.

Discus Feedback Report: Planning Your Career

Planning Your Career

Some useful guidelines about possible career directions suited to a personality.

Discus doesn't just provide the Feedback Report itself, but also some useful features to help you make the most of it. For example, you can choose to have Discus send a copy of the Feedback Report automatically as soon as a candidate completes their questionnaire.

Screenshot showing a Discus Feedback Report viewed through a Web browser

The candidate feedback report is instantly available for review in your browser. Create a PDF copy instantly, or mail the report directly to the candidate using Discus' built-in e-mailing facilities.

The Discus Feedback Report

  • Feedback Report Contents: Discus Feedback Reports are broken down into seven separate topics covering a range of subjects relating to both the reader's work and personal life.
    • About You
    • Your Core Values
    • Abilities, Strengths, Limitations
    • Personal Development
    • Relating to Other People
    • Your Work Style
    • Planning Your Career
  • Completely Optional: Note that the Feedback Report is a completely optional feature of Discus, and there's no requirement to provide your candidates with feedback if you'd prefer not to.
  • Feedback Availability: Feedback Reports are provided free of charge with all Enhanced Discus reports, and are available at other report levels through a subscription service.
  • See a Sample Report: If you want to see how these topics are presented to the person who completed the questionnaire, you can see a sample Discus Feedback Report for yourself.
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