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The DISC Motivation Spectrum

Exploring the key motivational factors in a personality

The Motivation Spectrum is a specialized report focused on helping you to understand and develop a candidate's core motivations. Based on their DISC results, it looks in detail at the factors that help to energize and enthuse an individual, as well as considering how other factors can lead to demotivation.

The Motivation Spectrum will even investigate a candidate's attitude in their current role, and look at features that may be affecting their motivation in that role in a positive or a negative way.

The Motivation Spectrum works by putting together an analysis of eight interrelated motivating factors and report in depth on each of these, and the ways they are relevant to any individual candidate. These motivational factors are derived directly from a candidate's DISC scores, so a Motivation Spectrum is available for any personality profile.

Discus Motivation Spectrum: Clear and Accessible

Clear and Accessible

The Motivation Spectrum gives you a summary of the factors that drive an individual's motivation.

Discus Motivation Spectrum: Comprehensive


The report explores motivation across a whole range of interconnected personality factors.

Discus Motivation Spectrum: In-depth Analysis

In-depth Analysis

The Motivation Spectrum report goes on to look at each of the eight motivation factors in detail.

The Eight Factors of the Motivation Spectrum


Demonstrating success and effectiveness in achieving goals


Being seen as a positive and popular social influence


Operating in a relatively stable and predictable situation


Having clear knowledge of a situation, the underlying facts and the expectations of others


Having achievements recognized and respected by other people


Being accepted and respected as part of a working or social group


Taking time to understand and prepare for developments and challenges


Ensuring that events and systems work according to specific requirements

Any of the eight motivation factors might be a strong motivator - or a demotivator - depending on a person's unique personality and their current role. The Motivation Spectrum report will help you to discover how they are likely to come into play in different situations, and how you can use them to help build motivation based on an individual personality style.

Screenshot showing the DISC personality factors that make up a Motivation Spectrum report Axiom Internet Group Axiom Software Limited Screenshot showing the DISC personality factors that make up a Motivation Spectrum report

Just like our other reports, you can read the Motivation Spectrum report directly in your browser, or create a PDF copy to print or share by e-mail. These reports are automatically available for all profiles at the Enhanced level, and you can also choose to view them at other profile levels if you wish.

Inside a Motivation Spectrum Report

  • Each of the eight motivation factors is clearly explained in the Motivation Spectrum report, along with the ways it reflects an individual's motivation.
  • Motivation is highly dependent on the demands of a person's current role, and that perception is explored in the report.
  • Motivation notes summarize the optimum ways to help motivate a candidate presented in a clear and succinct way.
  • The report also looks at demotivating factors, approaches to avoid when trying to build an individual's personal motivation.
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