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High Dominance, Influence and Compliance

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Speed of response and a sense of urgency are the defining characteristics of this type. Their low Steadiness scores suggests that their approach will be rooted in a dynamic, impatient style. This is a relatively self-controlled and ambitious style, but they also possess effective social abilities that can be expected to come to the fore in informal, open situations.

While ambition and assertiveness are important elements of this style, the type of person to whom it refers will also have an awareness of the needs of others and a sense of order that make them far less impulsive and unpredictable than many similarly extrovert types. While they will wish to achieve success in their own right, they also understand that the needs of an organisation will from time to time require that they suppress their own ambitions for the good of the team.

Relating to Others

The ways in which this type relates to other people will tend to vary according to their social situation, depending on the relative formality of their surroundings. In more social, casual circumstances, they will project a friendly and animated style, being open and enthusiastic in general style.

If their situation is more formal or closely regulated, however, a more direct and determined side will develop, being both assertive and self-controlled, and showing far less of the sociable, gregarious side associated with favorable situations. It is in formal situations of this kind that the more ambitious and driving elements will come to the fore, and it is likely that the individual will also adopt a somewhat plain-speaking, blunt aspect.

Common Abilities

From the above, it will be clear that an individual of this kind will display different abilities in different situations; they can be charming and enthusiastic, or direct and forthright, depending on their particular circumstances. From a manager's perspective, it will clearly be productive to adapt such a person's working environment, so far as is possible, to bring out the particular style that is most appropriate.

Motivating Factors

Profiles with three high factors, such as this, have complex sets of motivating factors that may sometimes conflict with one another. In this case, motivation stems from the achievement of personal ambition, the acceptance and approval of other people, and certainty of their position. Where these are incompatible, as for example if the fulfillment of a goal requires a risk to be taken, the relative values of the three factors will give some indication of the person's likely course of action.


The Sub-traits of this type are Self-motivation, Enthusiasm and Sensitivity.

Style Card

DISC profiles with three high factors are not directly comparable with Style Card types.

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