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Professional DISC profiling for 28 years

High Dominance, Influence and Steadiness

Example Graph

The lack of Compliance in this type indicates that independence is the key element in understanding this style. People of this kind have a clear idea of their aims in life, and the strength of will to achieve their aims. It is unusual to find high Steadiness in a profile of this type, and this lends the individual concerned a sense of persistence and a willingness to work steadfastly and diligently in pursuit of their ends.

There is a sociable, open aspect to this type of person, but the presence of Dominance means that they also have an underlying sense of determination and assertiveness that will come to the fore, especially if they find themselves in difficult or demanding situations.

Relating to Others

Influence and Steadiness are both social factors, suggesting that this type will interact easily and skillfully with other people, and that they possess the personal self-confidence to mix relatively easily with strangers, or in unusual situations. They do have a strong sense of independence, however, and are prepared to go to considerable lengths to maintain their own sense of identity, and to protect and defend their own viewpoint.

Common Abilities

This is a solid and dependable style with strong social abilities, and with an assertiveness and willingness to take the initiative that is rare in such types. They have a strong sense of personal responsibility and an inherent self-reliance that make them especially effective as facilitators. Their combination of patience and assertiveness results in a rare and valuable approach to work, capable of achieving results, but equally able to consider options carefully before reaching a final decision.

Motivating Factors

Because of their independent style, this type of person will seek to hold a degree of control over their own circumstances, and will look for opportunities to drive towards their own ambitions. While success is important to them, however, they also value positive relationships with other people, and under some circumstances they will be prepared to delay achievement of their goals if this conflicts with others' needs.


The Sub-traits of this type are Independence, Self-confidence and Persistence.

Style Card

DISC profiles with three high factors are not directly comparable with Style Card types.

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