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Professional DISC profiling for 28 years

High Influence and Compliance

Example Graph

This relatively common profile includes two factors that appear in some ways to be contradictory. On the one hand, Influence is the factor of excitement, enjoyment and extrovert impulsiveness. On the other, Compliance is related to precision, detail and carefully-followed rules. The ways in which this apparent contradiction are resolved form the backbone of the interpretation for this behavioral type.

The differences in approach between these two factors are resolved in an unusual approach. Normally, two or more high DISC factors will tend to reinforce each other's common points, and blend to make up the entire behavioral approach. This is not the case with the two opposing styles of Influence and Compliance - what we see instead, with this type, is one factor (Influence) appearing in relaxed, open and favourable situations, while in more formal or structured circumstances, the other (Compliance) will come to the fore.

Relating to Others

The ways in which this style will relate to other people is highly dependent on the circumstances under which an encounter takes place. In a circle of friends, or in a 'party' atmosphere, this style is capable of quite confident and extrovert behavior. In a formal work environment, or pressurized atmosphere, such as an interview for a job, this confidence will apparently evaporate, and the style will fall into line with its more Compliant aspect.

Common Abilities

This style combines the abilities of a pure High-I and a High-C, but, as we have noted above, these abilities will not all be apparent at the same time. Different environments will produce different responses, and so a manager requiring a certain style of behavior from this type of person should ideally adapt their working environment to suit the type of responses they require. Note that, in most cases, the profile type will normally show an Influence factor higher than their Compliance factor (although, by definition, both must be relatively high), and so confident, communicative behavior will be more commonly seen than their reticent, cautious side.

Motivating Factors

This person's motivations are more complex than most, because of the opposing natures of their two main factors. Their high Influence score means that they are interested in the attention and approval of others, but because they also have high Compliance, this element is less likely to be demonstrated overtly, and will instead be more subtle and discreet.

Compliance is the factor of certainty and sureness, and this type of person will look for a clear idea of their position and the expectations of those around them. Again, however, the complex interplay of factors in this style will affect the way that they express this need, and they are far less likely than a pure High-C to ask for explicit instructions directly.


The Sub-traits of this type are Friendliness, Enthusiasm, Co-operativeness and Sensitivity.

Style Card

Influence relates to the Communicator style, while Compliance is linked to the Analyst. These are diametrically opposite types, and so this profile cannot effectively be analyzed in Style Card terms.

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