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High Influence, Steadiness and Compliance

Example Graph

This combination of three high factors represents a behavioral style with a number of divergent elements. One common theme, however, is represented by the low level of Dominance in the style, meaning that this style will rarely display overtly assertive or direct behavior. Instead, they will try to achieve their ends through communication, using their persuasive abilities or the powers of rational discussion.

This is not an ambitious type of person; profiles of this kind reflect individual styles who rarely set distinct goals for themselves in life, but prefer instead simply to build strong relationships with others and pursue their personal interests or pastimes. They work particularly well as part of a team or group, being both friendly and co-operative in style, and ready to accept others' ideas.

Relating to Others

Influence, Steadiness and Compliance, the three important factors in this profile, all confer certain communicative strengths on this type. In combination, these three elements give people of this kind a number of strengths in the field of relations with other people. Influence is the factor that relates to an outgoing, friendly style, while Steadiness confers capable listening skills and patience with others. Finally, Compliance gives a rational aspect to such an individual, helping them to present cogent and coherent arguments when necessary.

Common Abilities

As we saw above, many of this style's abilities lie in the field of personal communication and relationship management. They are good team players who work well with other people, and appreciate their input into discussions. While they have the confidence to maintain a pro-active role, this does not equate to the direct assertiveness of certain other types. They are capable of being outgoing and extrovert, they are also receptive to other people and sympathetic to other points of view.

Motivating Factors

This type of person is not ambitious by nature, and rarely has a specific set of goals or aims in life. Motivation for this person is more a matter of a general sense of happiness or contentment, and specifically this means the development of positive, warm relations with other people, time to adapt to changes in circumstance, and a sense of sureness about their position, especially (but not exclusively) in social terms.


The Sub-traits of this type are Friendliness, Patience and Co-operativeness.

Style Card

DISC profiles with three high factors are not directly comparable with Style Card types.

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